Rocky Mountain Synth Meet News for May

Save the Date – Next Meetup Wednesday May 13

I have some other fun and interesting events in the works. I need a little more time to pull them together so I‘ll be skipping this week. Next event is Wednesday May 13th. Watch for an invite later this week. If you haven’t done so subscribe so you can get an email notification.

Looking Back at March and April

We had 8 online events in March and April 😮🎆. A huge thanks to all who presented and joined in. Special thanks to Victoria and Eddie for helping me test early on while developing the online format. And additional thanks to Victoria and her company Cuttlefish Arts for doing tweaking our logo for online events and for our minor name change to Rocky Mountain Synth Meet.

Thanks for the Kind Donations

A big big big thanks to those who donated to the meetup! Your generous donations has me back in the black after paying web hosting fees.

Transition from Complete

We completed our transition from to and doing a slight name change to Rocky Mountain Synth Meet. As I mentioned in previous events I did manage to archive a screen shot of every event plus the 1,200+ pictures from the older platform. A future project is to restore the archive. So thanks for opting in and making the transition a smooth one.

Notes & Comments from Past Events

Starting with event #82 I started using the comments feature of the web site to place event notes.

You can comment here as well if you had a good time or want to share a related note. Your first time commenting will be moderated. Comments are also surfaced on the home page if you scroll down a bit.

  • Notes from Event #86 – Intro to Overbrdige 2.0 by Mark Mosher
  • Notes from Event #85 – The Appropriate Premaster with Steve Turnidge
  • Notes from event #84 Sound Design with Ableton Live with Huston Singletary
  • Notes from event #83 Intro to The ZOIA modular pedal with Mitch Lantz
  • Notes from event #82 Breakout Session OBS Studio for Live Streaming

Till Next Time

If you have ideas for future events drop me a note here.

Mark Mosher

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