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We’ve held 84+ free events since 2012. We have members ranging from beginners to professional artists to industry experts.

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News & Events Blog

#89 KeyKit – A Scripting Language and GUI Interface for MIDI by Tim Thompson Wednesday June 3rd 7PM MDT

Overview When MIDI was introduced in the mid 1980’s, I immediately knew I would be using it extensively for algorithmic and realtime experimentation.  So, I started developing a programming language and environment to make interactive development of MIDI things convenient and fun.  Originally named Keynote and now named KeyKit, the system evolved over a decadeContinue reading “#89 KeyKit – A Scripting Language and GUI Interface for MIDI by Tim Thompson Wednesday June 3rd 7PM MDT”

#88 Practical Harmony for Grid Controllers with Neil “Nail” Alexander Wednesday May 20th 7PM MDT

This event features special guest Neil “Nail” Alexander beaming in from New York. Overview Using a standard grid controller as a musical instrument presents its own set of particular – and peculiar – challenges. We’ll talk about some strategies for setting up, manipulating and playing grid controllers geared towards getting musical results, including responsiveness setup,Continue reading “#88 Practical Harmony for Grid Controllers with Neil “Nail” Alexander Wednesday May 20th 7PM MDT”


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Latest Notes and Comments from Recent Events

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What We Do

We organize free events to help you connect with like-minded synth enthusiasts, discover new possibilities, showcase member projects and performances, and make the most of your gear.

We rotate topics for each event. Past events featured Synth Petting Zoos, and Modular Synth Lightning Patch Walk-throughs. This is often followed by socializing and often a performance by a member.

Online Events

Our new virtual event format will allow us to bring in remote presenters, reconnect with past members who have moved away from the Boulder / Denver Area, Stay connected with our current members who may not be able to make it to as many face-to-face events as they’d like, offer shorter special event presentations on more esoteric topics that might only draw a handful of people.

In 2020 we added online events where you’ll be able to join with voice and video using your MAC, PC, iPhone or Android. Hosts and presenters will be able to share video, audio, and screenshare. Certain events will feature live performances.

Face-to-Face Events

Face-to-Face events are on hold.

We meet to share there passion for synths, network, learn and get inspired, get hands-on with gear, tell people about projects, and find collaborators. Many events feature a performance by a member.

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Winner Best Music Meetup…

Synth Geek Friendly

We strive for well-organized events that are welcoming and laid back and often feature performances from members.

We cater to all levels and are technology agnostic and cover a wide range of topics by rotating the themes each event including themes…

  • Hardware Synths
  • Software Synths
  • Modular Synths
  • Expressive Controllers
  • Making Music with Laptops
  • Making Music with iPads
  • Petting Zoos
  • Live Performances

Reviews from Past Events

“These first two online events have gone extremely well! They’re a much welcomed change that couldn’t have come at a better time. Even if all you had was a smartphone, you can still participate, learn, and stay connected.

Whether there’s 20 attendees or 5, these events are well planned and conducted such that all participants are engaged with ample opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts on the subject. The Digitone session was just great and I learned some TOTALLY RAD tips! Definitely excited for more online events!”

Eddie C.

Very positive experience, very interesting mix of people, I try to go as often as my location and schedule allows.

Great vibe and you can meet a lot of awesome musicians and creative people here. Seems like there’s something for everybody here. Check it out!

I really like this group and what it represents for supporting the artist community. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you at the next event. 


Hi this is Mark Mosher. I’m a Synth Composer, Performer, and Multimedia Artist who lives in Louisville, CO.

I founded the award winning Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet in 2012 with the idea of growing a community of synth enthusiast that cooperate to build a connection around our love of all things synth.

Synth then the we have grown to include members all along the Front Range.

In 2020 we launched a brand new web site and started offering online events.

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event so make sure you subscribe to news for updates 😀.