Donations / Contributors

While events are free the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet is made possible by volunteer contributors and financial backing through member donations. See a list of contributors below.

Your donation or purchase of merch will help offset fees for our paid Zoom account, our paid streaming services, and our web hosting fees.

Financial Backers

A huge thanks to the following members who have helped to offset expenses with their kind donations in 2020-2022.

Alex A.
Bob R.
Brian H.
Byron J.
David S.
Derek B.
Edward C.
James C.
Jesse T
Jim S.
John B.
Kevin G.

Langdon C.
Matt L.
Matty Y.
Mike B.
Mike O.
Trey S.
Victoria L.
Wayne B.
Wirt W.
Zach H.

Volunteer Contributors

A special thanks to all the presenters, performers, and those working behind-the-scenes from 2020-2022. Those listed in bold have also been working behind-the-scenes to help organize and run events.

  1. Alberto Chapa
  2. Brian Funk
  3. Brian Horsfield
  4. Chris Frain
  5. Christoph Scholtes
  6. Dino J.A. Deane
  7. Eddie Corcoran
  8. Huston Singletary
  9. Kevin Garlow
  10. Langdon Crawford
  11. Michael O’Bannon
  12. Mike Metlay
  13. Mitch Lantz
  14. Neil Alexander
  15. Serafin Sanchez
  16. Steve Turnidge
  17. Tim Thompson
  18. Tom Lundy
  19. Victoria Lundy
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