A note from founder and lead organizer Mark Mosher…

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by the donate page.

Our Free events are made possible by members generously volunteering time to help me organize as well as by members who volunteer to present and perform (contributor page coming soon).

Behind-the-scenes I personally pay for a variety of infrastructure expenses which I outline below. Donations made here or at face-to-face events are only used to help offset these expenses. I’m not in this to make money but to provide free events and therefore my goal is to break even.

Last month I paid our web yearly web hosting fee of $48 and on April 18th I will be paying our bi-annual meetup membership fee of $89.94. This will leave me $116.44 in the red.

To be clear, donations are optional and events are free. If you have $1 or more to spare that’s fantastic. If you don’t, just enjoy the meetup events and donate when you are able! Below are more details on yearly expenses.

Thanks again to all for past and upcoming support of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup!

Mark Mosher
Founder & Lead Organizer

Your kind donation helps me offset the expenses below…

$179 / yr Face-to-Face event Registration System

$120 / yr

General Supplies

– Name tags
– Stickers
– Printing for PR

$49 / yr

Web Hosting fees for web site