Event #82 Breakout Session OBS Studio for Live Streaming – April 1st, 7 PM MDT

[UPDATED See comments below for post-event notes. Feel free to add your own comments. Your first comment on this site will be pending approval, but once I approve, you’ll be able to just post comments from then on.

This event will be an online interactive round table discussion for those who want share tips tricks, and best-practices on streaming with OBS Studio to Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch…

Time and Online Meeting Link

The event is for Rocky Mountains Synthesizer Meetup Members and is on April 1st at 7 PM MDT

Password for the event will be sent registrants prior to the event.


  1. If you’ve never been on a Zoom Cloud meeting read this FAQ for joining online events
  2. Headphones 🎧 are highly recommended for all platforms.
  3. All times in this invite are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) which is -6GMT.

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13 responses to “Event #82 Breakout Session OBS Studio for Live Streaming – April 1st, 7 PM MDT”

  1. Here is a fantastic post by CDM on “Android Apps Gear iOS Motion Music tech Software Stories Tech
    Learn how to live stream your music with these two easy, quick videos, gear tips” https://cdm.link/2020/04/learn-how-to-live-stream/

    One question that Alex asked about was is there a way to rotate through cams automatically. The 2nd video in this post discusses a script for this. There is a link to the script in the article.


  2. Here is another article by CDM on a commercial fork of OBS Studio called Streamlabs OBS. “Android Apps iOS Motion Music Pocket gaming Software Tech Streamlabs is an easier, free all-in-one streaming app, now on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android” https://cdm.link/2020/04/streamlabs-free-streaming-mac-windows-ios-and-android/

    I’m going to play around with it – although I’m leaning towards OBS Studio so we an rally our expertise around the true open source version. Thoughts?

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  3. I’ve been playing with OBS Studio for the last few days. I have not yet gotten to production ready status. Among the current pain points: nobody has webcams in stock at the moment. Accordingly, I am trying to use my iPhone as a webcam, using NewTek NDI Camera. This outputs an NDI stream just fine – I can see it on my computer using NDI Video Monitor. However, the current version of the obs-ndi plugin causes OBS to crash immediately upon confirming the properties of the source. I am told this is a known issue with the current version of the NDI runtime.

    So with that said, does anyone happen to have a copy of the NDI runtime for Mac previous to 4.5?


    • Yeah, I also tested out the “OBS Camera” iOS app over USB with the plugin ( https://obs.camera/docs/getting-started/ios-camera-plugin-usb/ ), but it kept crashing and/or lagging the OBS camera bitrate pretty badly. Video started lagging the audio by 10-15 seconds, and eventually caused OBS to crash. Definitely reproducible.

      I managed to track down the issues to using the OBS Camera iOS app. I also saw the same behavior with the “Window Capture” source, and found out that the “Display Capture” performed much better.

      After some research, I found out that OBS for Mac is a bit outdated with their hardware video encoder / decoder support on Mac. Trying to use the hardware encoder in advanced video settings also caused crashes. Apple dropped OpenGL support in Mojave, which broke a bunch of apps that relied on it. Siphon Inject used to be an option to capture OpenGL and pipe into OBS, but that also doesn’t work anymore. I suspect that Apple’s push to the newer “Metal” graphics API has caused a lot of old app developers to try and keep up.

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    • The obs-ndi dev just released a new rev today, and it fixes my crash woes. I’m on MacOS 10.15.4, OBS 24.0.6, obs-ndi-4.8.0, and ndi-runtime-4.5.1.
      Now to just learn this program…


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