Event #81 "Live Performance in Ableton Live" with Special Guest Brian Funk – March 25th, 7-8:30 PM MDT

This online event features special guest Brian Funk beaming in from New York to give an presentation called “Performance in Ableton Live”. He will do a short performance and hold a Q and A. We’ll kick off the event with meetup announcements, followed by Brian’s presentation and performance and then we’ll finish the meeting out with some interactive intros and discussions.

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Time and Online Meeting Link

The event is for Rocky Mountains Synthesizer Meetup Members (join the meetup) and is on March 25th from 7 PM – 8:30 PM MDT (-6GMT).

Password for the event will be sent registrants prior to the event.


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  2. Headphones 🎧 are highly recommended for all platforms.
  3. All times in this invite are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) which is -6GMT.


In this presentation, he will be demonstrating and explaining his live performance Ableton Live Set. His set allows him to improvise, playback prerecorded clips, sing, play various instruments, add effects, and mix on the fly. Brian will go through his setup of MIDI controllers, as well as the Ableton Live Set they all control.

About Brian Funk

Brian Funk is a musician, educator, and podcaster. He’s an Ableton Certified Trainer who teaches for Berklee Online. Brian hosts the Music Production Podcast, featuring informal conversations about all things making music. As a curious sound designer, he produces Ableton Live Instruments and Racks to help producers develop their own unique sound. His new EP, A Journey Inward, is a meditative adventure into one’s own consciousness.


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