Event #79 – Online Meetup Kickoff + Max for Live for Non-Programmers + Méchant Métrique Performance – Wednesday March 11th 7PM MDT

Post Event Follow-Up

[Updated on 4/5/2020]

Great event. Here is a video of Méchant Métrique’s performance.

This meetup is on Wednesday March 11th at 7PM MDT and is online!!! You must be registered to join in.

You can register using this link:

Password for the event will be sent registrants prior to the event.


  1. If you’ve never been on a Zoom Cloud meeting read this FAQ for joining online events
  2. Headphones 🎧 are highly recommended for all platforms.
  3. All times in this invite are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) which is -6GMT.


This meetup is a milestone as it’s our first online event. We’ll spend some time getting acquainted with our new online world of Zoom Cloud video conferencing system. I’ll do a brief presentation on Max for Live for non-programmers. In other words, how to turn your entire Ableton Live set into a modular sonic playground. Méchant Métrique will also beam in from his studio and do an online performance with some Elektron grooveboxes.


  1. 6:50 PM Get the App Join the Waiting Room: For new Zoom Cloud users click the link early and get the app downloaded so you can start on time. When you are all set join and you’ll queued up in the waiting room.
  2. 7:00 PM Welcome to Video Conference: Your host will bring attendees from virtual waiting room to meeting room. You’ll be joining the meeting muted. Un-mutes will be moderated as we progress. We’ll spend a few minutes listening to some music while people join and get settled.
  3. 7:10 PM Intro to Zoom Cloud & Announcements: I’ll cover some Zoom Cloud best-practices and then do meetup announcements.
  4. 7:20 Max for Live for Non-Programmers + Q & A by Mark Mosher
  5. 7:40 PM Performance by Méchant Métrique + Q & A
  6. 8:00 PM Attendee Roundtable: We’ll use the “Raise Hands” feature to offer some members a chance to share what they are up to.
  7. 8:30 PM Signing Off

Méchant Métrique Bio

A creator and performer of electronic music from Denver. Méchant Métrique explores various genres with a feeling both unfamiliar and nostalgic, that hints at epic and moody film scores.

Mark Mosher Bio

A creator and performer of electronic music Synth composer / performer, multimedia artist, and organizer of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup.

Events News

Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup News: New Online Events + Relaunch of Website

Hi everyone, Two big announcements. 

Relaunch of

I just relaunched a completely refreshed dedicated website for the meetup. I worked hard to make it super groovy and I hope it will help us attract even more like-minded synth enthusiasts and help potential venues better understand what we’re about.

The new site has a News Blog which will act as a communications hub. I’ll also be adding a media gallery (that’s way better than the one on, free downloads (like soundsets and cheat sheets,) notes and links from past events, a resources page, and I’ll be bringing back the “Member Music” playlists.

To be clear, this online resource is meant to enhance real-time events – not to create another online community with forums and such. Real-time is where it’s it at, man 😎.

Swing by and check it out and while you are there, please take a moment to subscribe to our News Blog so you can stay up to date on news and announcements for upcoming events.

New Online Events – Woo Hoo!

We will be expanding event options to include real-time online events. 

Save the date! Our first online event will be Wednesday March 11th at 7PM MST. I’ll send an official announcement via the News Blog and via a meetup.COM

You’ll be able to join with voice and video using your MAC, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android. Hosts and presenters will be able to share video, audio, and screenshare. Certain events will feature live performances. 

These will be in addition to our face-to-face events. To help differentiate between face-to-face and online events Victoria Lundy of Cuttlefish Arts has designed a variation of our logo and made me a groovy virtual background for the video conferencing system.

Our new virtual event format will allow us to:

  • Keep up a momentum while we skip snowy months, navigate the fascinating and complex world of booking rooms, and dodge viruses
  • Bring in interesting remote presenters
  • Reconnect with past members who have moved away from the Boulder / Denver Area
  • Stay connected with our current members who may not be able to make it to a face-to-face event
  • Offer optional focused breakout events on more esoteric topics


Web Site

  • Thanks to Victoria Lundy for consulting on art direction and copy for the site
  • Eddie Corcoran for help with reviewing the web site
  • Eddie, Darwin Grosse, Tim Thompson, and Mike Bryant for helping me troubleshoot the email opt-in system

Online Events

Huge thanks to Jeanne Mosher, Victoria Lundy, Eddie Corcoran, Victor John, Malia Martinez, and Gregg Cannady for offering feedback end ideas on the usage and testing of the video online conferencing system.

Stay tuned for more,

Mark Mosher
Founder & Lead Organizer

Events News

Subscribe to New Web Site for Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup

I have some fun changes and additions coming to the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. To help everyone stay informed and engaged I’ve launched a new web site to act as a central hub for information.

Please take a moment to subscribe to our News blog so you can stay up to date on news and announcements for upcoming events. You’ll receive a few emails when I post to the site. I’ll post a few times a month with meetup news, event announcements with registration links, event follow-ups and more.

Poke around the pages I’ve created so far.

Coming Soon

  • Event FAQ Pages
  • Contributors Page
  • Media gallery with photos and video from the archives
  • Event notes so you can get links to stuff you heard about at events
  • Resources Page with links to member approved gear
  • Links to Member Music
  • Free downloads like sound sets and samples