RMSM # 129 – Granular Synth Techniques – Wed 3/22 7pm on Zoom + Save the Date for Drone Day Livestream

Our next event, Granular Synth Techniques, which will take place on Wednesday March 22nd at 7PM Mountain Time on Zoom. This event is a precursor to our upcoming International Drone Day livestream, which I’ll tell you more about below.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mark Mosher

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In this event, we’ll discuss different techniques for creating sounds through granular synthesis, using both hardware and software instruments.

The night will begin with some brief presentations on techniques for using granular synths to create complex, intricate, and expressive soundscapes.

We’ll then have a roundtable discussion where attendees at all levels can share their thoughts on their favorite instruments and techniques to get their creative juices flowing.

This will be followed by small breakout introductions where you can get to know others in our community a little better.

We’ll finish out the night by featuring some granular synth performances by members.

Upcoming Events

  • April – TBA
  • May 27th 10 AM Mountain – International Drone Day Celebration Livestream. Save the date. More details on this year’s event TBA.

Watch last year’s livestream replay on YouTube which included performances by 180 members.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel BTW.

Link to RMS and Other Events

Heads up, I’ll be adding other synth related events hosted by other communities in our area to the Upcoming Events section of our website.

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