Event #84 Sound Design with Ableton Live – Online April 15th, 7PM MDT

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For this online event Huston Singletary will be beaming in from Atlanta. He’ll be doing a presentation on creating drum racks and simpler devices in Ableton Live from recorded audio (featuring Moog DFAM and assorted synthesizers).

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.

Pro Tips

  1. If you’ve never been on a Zoom Cloud meeting read this FAQ for joining online events
  2. Headphones 🎧 are highly recommended for all platforms.
  3. All times in this invite are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) which is -6GMT.


  • 6:50 PM Get the App Join the Waiting Room. For new Zoom Cloud users click the link early and get the app downloaded so you can start on time.
  • 7:00 Open Meeting
  • 7:05 Announcements
  • 7:15 Presentation
  • 7:45 Breakout Room Intros
  • 8:00 Open Discussion

About Huston

In this sound design web demo, Huston will be showing various techniques on sampling, slicing and creating assorted drum racks and Simpler instrument devices from recorded audio created on the fly in his studio. He’ll be using Ableton’s Push 2 and a master keyboard controller alogside his usual assortment of synths including the Moog Sub 37, DFAM and Roland’s Fantom and Jupiter X series synthesizers.

Huston Music Podcast

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