Video Recording

Replay Video from 8th B-Day Concert + Links to Other Live Streaming Events This Weekend

Last night’s concert was amazing! Huge thanks to all the performers and Christoph for being our virtual stage manager. Also thanks to all who came out.

Concert Replay

If you missed last nights concert or want to watch a replay here is a 1 hour video of the show.

  1. 00:00 Welcome Message by host Mark Mosher
  2. 00:14 Dino J.A. Deane: Real-Time on the MPC-Live – One for the Beat Cypher –
  3. 04:38 Mike Bryant: Twisting knobs for quarantine therapy –
  4. 12:14 Huston Singletary: Lo-fi ambient groove with Moog & Roland –
  5. 16:47 J.L. Kane: Hip Hop instrumentals –
  6. 28:25 Announcements of other upcoming events by stage manager Christoph
  7. 30:01 Mark Mosher: Grooves, Sample Mangling, & Interactive Visuals –
  8. 40:17 Méchant Métrique: Ominous vibes with Elektron boxes –…
  9. 49:53 Victoria Lundy: Mood pieces and melodic Theremin –
  10. 1:00:25 Sign off

More Streaming Concerts This Weekend

Colorado Modular Synth Fest

Our friends at the Colorado Modular Synth Society are streaming this year’s Colorado Modular Synth Fest Online. Of course there is great crossover with our communities and it’s great to see so many Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet members in the lineup. Visit to set reminders or day of show to watch the events.

Freq Boutique

Freq Boutique is on Monday July 13th at 8PM over on WMD’s YouTube channel

Freq Boutique is a monthly event catered around modular synthesizers and synthesists. You can think of it kind of like like an open mic night for synth heads. Performances will start at 8 pm.

Video Recording

Video Recording of Presentation from Event #89: Tim Thompson on KeyKit – A Scripting Language and GUI Interface for MIDI

Video Replay

If you missed the Tim Thompson’s presentation on KeyKit on June 3rd, you are in luck. Tim asked that I record the presentation which I’ve placed on YouTube.

Here is the the 25 minute video.

Learn more about Tim at and get slides for this and other talks at

Talk Description

When MIDI was introduced in the mid 1980’s, I immediately knew I would be using it extensively for algorithmic and realtime experimentation.  So, I started developing a programming language and environment to make interactive development of MIDI things convenient and fun.  Originally named Keynote and now named KeyKit, the system evolved over a decade and was essentially complete (as a platform) by 1994.  Since then, I have actively used it for algorithmic and realtime MIDI experimentation for personal enjoyment, occasional performances, and Burning Man installations.  This talk will be a nerdy feature tour and demo of KeyKit, whose source code can be found at

Tim Thompson Bio

Tim Thompson is a software engineer, musician, and interactive installation artist. His wide-ranging artistic work includes a programming language for MIDI, interactive installations at Burning Man and other festivals, musical performances with Playstation dance pads and QWERTY keyboards, and realtime video looping and processing with a handheld security camera.  Recently, Tim has focused on the expressive potential of three-dimensional input in visual music instruments, using devices such as the Microsoft Kinect (in the original Space Palette) and the Sensel Morph (in the newer Space Palette Pro). His website is


Thanks to all who attended the event and special thanks to Méchant Métrique  ( for co-hosting the event


Background music in intro and exit is “Of Snow and Light” by Mark Mosher from the album Sonic Encounters Vol. 02

Next Event

Next event is still in the works and will be a week or two out. Stay tuned.