RMSM #127 – Traveling with Electronics – Online Event, Thu Dec 22nd, 7 PM MST

Knowing many people will soon be sitting in airports; spending time traveling in planes, trains and automobiles; and will doubt have some downtime pre and post festivities, I thought it would be fun and timely to focus on “Traveling with Electronics”.

The title for this event, “Traveling with Electroncis”, was inspired our dear friend and amazing artist the late Dino J.A. Deane’s blog http://jadeane.com/blog.

His book Becoming Music (a book about the art of flow in music), is still available here for $10.

Therefore, I’ve decided to squeeze in one more event before the end of the year on Zoom on Thursday Dec 22nd at 7PM MST.

Registration is required to attend this event online. Registrations will close 30 minutes prior to the event.


I’ll start the night off with some tips on field recording and making music on-the-go with the iPad. Then we’ll do a roundtable discussion where we can all share tips on travel-ready music rigs, strategies for bringing gear along on travel adventures, and field recording.


  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Member Announcements on upcoming projects and events
  • Field Recordings and iPad Tips Presentation
  • Group discussion of traveling with electronics
  • Breakout Intros
  • Socializing

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