June 2022 Newsletter: Next Event is July 19th + Update & Pics from Gear Swap + Donations & Merch Store Updates

Hello all,

Here is some news on our next event along with a recap of our gear swap earlier this month including some pictures. I also offer an update on where we are with general expenses. Spoiler alert, generous donations have tipped us back into the black, so a big thanks to all who donated! There are some new items in the merch shop. Lastly, we’re planning our 10th anniversary event for August.

Details on all this below.


Mark Mosher – RMSM Founder and Host

Save the Date – Tuesday July 19th, 7pm MDT – Sequential Breakout on Zoom

Our next event will be on Zoom on Tuesday July 19th and will be hosted by Eddie Corcoran along with Huston Singletary.

They will get the conversation started with a guided tour of a select set of a few Sequential instruments. This will be followed by an open discussion where members can show off some of their Sequential Circuits instruments and share tips, tricks, techniques, and features. Then of course Zoom breakouts and socializing.

Even if you don’t own or plan to own a Sequential instrument, we think you’ll find this interesting and inspiring. We’ll send a formal invite with Zoom registration in an upcoming post.

Recap and Pics from Gear Swap

The Down in the Park Gear swap was a huge success and a lot of fun. It was also our first face-to-face event since February 2020 and it was absolutely amazing to be face-to-face again.

It was a gorgeous event and a great location for a gear swap and get together. Check out these pictures.

Thanks for the Donations

I REALLY appreciate all the donations. The Eventbrite system worked well for adding an optional donation ticket-type to the event. Also, thanks to all who donated via PayPal and Venmo from our donations page. I also wanted to let you know that proceeds from merch sales to date from our on-demand merch store have reached $43.00.

All told, proceeds from merch, generous donations from this event plus a few VERY generous donations from some members have tipped the meet into the black. I’m very grateful that the community has responded to cover our bases for now.

New Items in Merch Shop

Speaking of the on-demand Merch shop, I got a request to add some kid’s shirts and hoodies. They are now in the store along with a few more bag types.

Swing by and check out the merch shop here.

We Are Approaching our 10th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but we’re closing in our 10th anniversary 🥳. We are in the planning stages for a celebration event for August. Stay tuned for more news as things progress.

Cheers for Now and Until Next Time, See you on Discord

In case you somehow missed it, The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet has a private Discord forum where we have conversations about upcoming events, tech, technique, gear, buy-sell-trade and more.

If you have not yet taken the Discord plunge, I highly recommend you do so as it has become the standard for most synth communities.

Our Discord is a small tight community, so we like to get to know people before we invite them to the forum. Therefore, we only extend invites to people who’ve attended at least one event.

If you have attended an event in the past and would like an invitation, fill out this form.

Until the next event, see you on Discord,


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