RMSM #116 – Intro to Granular Synthesis with the Spacecraft App / Plugin – March 15th, 2022

You may not realize this, but International Drone Day is May 28th. You can learn more about this here https://droneday.org/.

This being the case I thought it would be fun to string together a series of Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet events culminating in a live streaming YouTube event on May 28th with pre-recorded videos by members.

The first event in March (on Zoom) will help you get your creative juices flowing with a talk on using granular synthesis for drone performances using an inexpensive and multiplatform instrument.  The second event in April (on Zoom) will offer tips on how to pre-record and produce videos that are livestream-ready. The third event in May (YouTube) will be a public livestream concert where we will watch submitted videos and participate via chat.

For March I’ll be doing a talk on the amazing Spacecraft App / Plugin. This will help you get your creative juices flowing for Drone Day in May as well as offer a look at granular synthesis using an inexpensive and multiplatform instrument.

It was a fav of our late friend Dino J.A. Deane who had been actively working with the developer and helped design the live sampling workflow. So, focusing on this app will help us celebrate Dino’s legacy.

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