No Rocky Mountain Synth Meet in August 2021 + A Few Mobile Music Making Tips

Hi Everyone,

Taking August Off

Now that summer is in full swing we’ll be taking August off so you can get out of those synth caves and enjoy some sunshine and nature. We can stay connected on Discord till the next event.

Mobile Music Making Tips

Budget Field Recorder

Don’t forget to take your field recorder with you. If you don’t have one I recommend the Zoom H1n which is like $120 bucks. It’s small and runs on batteries. If you have more $s, I recommend the Zoom H6.

AUM for FTW on iOS!

A great way to untether from your studio and create on batteries is to use iOS with AUM by Kymatica. AUM is an amazingly flexible audio mixer, plugin host, and recorder. It’s probably the best 20 bucks you’ll drop in the app store and in my opinion is essential for both studio work and live performance.

While you are at it, I also recommend AudioShare alsy by Kymatica. It’s “Your file manager for soundfiles and midifiles. Transfer between apps, to/from computer, email, dropbox, upload to soundcloud, and more.

Below are some helpful videos. So if you are new to making music with iOS these vids will help get your started. Seasoned users will probably pick a few tips.


If you would like to take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole, go to YouTube and see more vids. There is also a list of tutorials on the AUM Product Page link below.


Cheers and enjoy your August.


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