#102 – Short Circuit Presentations – Wed Feb 10th, 7pm MST

For February’s event we’re introducing a new theme called “Short Circuit Presentations“. The goal is a variation on our long form talks theme but offering a snappier multi-segment set of shorter talks with multiple presenters. This new theme and some format tweaks are based some great feedback from attendees at the December event along with some brainstorming with Eddie Corcoran,  Michael O’Bannon, and Victoria Lundy. Thanks to Eddie for the theme name.

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.


Part 1: Main Event

  • Welcome, Name tags, Donations, RMSM Announcements, welcome new members
  • Member Announcements on Upcoming Shows, Projects, and Releases
  • Short Circuit Presentations (Up to 10 Minutes Each)
    1. Mark MosherZoom LiveTrak L-8 8-channel Digital Mixer / Recorder you didn’t know you needed
    2. Eddie Corcoran – 10th Anniversary of Octatrack and the 1.40A update
    3. Mike Metlay – A look at the amazing HYDRASYNTH Keyboard ribbon controller
    4. Christoph Scholtes – Ambient explorations and droning techniques with the Digitone
    5. Huston Singletary – 411 on the Expressive e Touché controller

Part 2: After Meet Social Hour

  • Breakout Intros
  • Call for future Short Circuit Presenters
  • MC’d group discussion on topics such as:
    • New music gear introduced at NAMM Believe in Music virtual trade show
    • Buy, sell, trade
    • I need help with?
    • I’m looking to collaborate on?
    • Tips and tricks on something you just figured out
    • Misc
  • Wrap up and sign off

Miscellaneous Heads Up…

Member Dino J.A. Deane part of a livestream 1/28 at 6:30…

J A Deane “Dino” (Colorado) Pioneer of live sampling systems in improvised music.  Alum of Butch Morris and Jon Hassel. 

Here is Dino’s set in replay.

If you are in the market for a Deluge, now might be the time…

Back in December 2019 member Matthew Yost gave a great talk and performance on the Synthstrom Audible Deluge which piqued my interest. I just bought mine because the price is about to go up and they are about to add new features coming are a new wavetable synth; MPE support; and Euclidean sequencing, individual row lengths, moving kit steps horizontally and new playback directions – reverse and ping-pong.

So heads up, just saw this in their newsletter.

Those who may have been sitting on the fence about grabbing a Deluge that in less than a week’s time we’ll be adding $100 USD to the sale price, respecting how it’s now a completely different product to when we first put on sale, increased production costs and reflecting our commitment to continuing to update our baby.
You can read about the price increase here: https://synthstrom.com/why/
You have until Jan 31st 11:59pm (US ET) to order at the current $899 USD price.

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