January 2020 News & No Events in January

Happy new year!

No Events in January

I’ve decided to take January off from producing events o watch for an invite to the next event later this month.


#Jamuary has begun…

Via @truecuckoo … “The idea with Jamuary is to get going with what you have, and to help get comfortable sharing and performing little jams, and to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone is doing in the electronic music independent scene. Post a little music snippet every day of jamuary, or for as many of the days that you have the energy to. Browse the hashtag and get inspired. Get to know musicians you had never heard about, and perhaps even make some friends along the way.”

I’ll be giving it a pass this year but if you want to get the gist of it here is all my #Jamuary posts from last year All My #Jamuary Videos Along with Detailed Rig & Producer Notes – Mark Mosher (markmoshermusic.com).

If you were going to be participating in #Jamuary feel free to leave a comment on this post on the web site with a link to where you’ll be publishing songs or videos so we can all follow along.


Cheers and here is to a creative January,


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