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#102 – Short Circuit Presentations – Wed Feb 10th, 7pm MST

For February’s event we’re introducing a new theme called “Short Circuit Presentations“. The goal is a variation on our long form talks theme but offering a snappier multi-segment set of shorter talks with multiple presenters. This new theme and some format tweaks are based some great feedback from attendees at the December event along with some brainstorming with Eddie Corcoran,  Michael O’Bannon, and Victoria Lundy. Thanks to Eddie for the theme name.

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.


Part 1: Main Event

  • Welcome, Name tags, Donations, RMSM Announcements, welcome new members
  • Member Announcements on Upcoming Shows, Projects, and Releases
  • Short Circuit Presentations (Up to 10 Minutes Each)
    1. Mark MosherZoom LiveTrak L-8 8-channel Digital Mixer / Recorder you didn’t know you needed
    2. Eddie Corcoran – 10th Anniversary of Octatrack and the 1.40A update
    3. Mike Metlay – A look at the amazing HYDRASYNTH Keyboard ribbon controller
    4. Christoph Scholtes – Ambient explorations and droning techniques with the Digitone
    5. Huston Singletary – 411 on the Expressive e Touché controller

Part 2: After Meet Social Hour

  • Breakout Intros
  • Call for future Short Circuit Presenters
  • MC’d group discussion on topics such as:
    • New music gear introduced at NAMM Believe in Music virtual trade show
    • Buy, sell, trade
    • I need help with?
    • I’m looking to collaborate on?
    • Tips and tricks on something you just figured out
    • Misc
  • Wrap up and sign off

Miscellaneous Heads Up…

Member Dino J.A. Deane part of a livestream 1/28 at 6:30…

J A Deane “Dino” (Colorado) Pioneer of live sampling systems in improvised music.  Alum of Butch Morris and Jon Hassel. 

Here is Dino’s set in replay.

If you are in the market for a Deluge, now might be the time…

Back in December 2019 member Matthew Yost gave a great talk and performance on the Synthstrom Audible Deluge which piqued my interest. I just bought mine because the price is about to go up and they are about to add new features coming are a new wavetable synth; MPE support; and Euclidean sequencing, individual row lengths, moving kit steps horizontally and new playback directions – reverse and ping-pong.

So heads up, just saw this in their newsletter.

Those who may have been sitting on the fence about grabbing a Deluge that in less than a week’s time we’ll be adding $100 USD to the sale price, respecting how it’s now a completely different product to when we first put on sale, increased production costs and reflecting our commitment to continuing to update our baby.
You can read about the price increase here:
You have until Jan 31st 11:59pm (US ET) to order at the current $899 USD price.

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RMSM January 2021 News: Save Date for February Meet + Freshening Things Up + Virtual NAMM

Hi everybody and happy new year!

Save the date for our February event

Our next event will be on Wednesday February 10 from 7 to 8 PM. Save the date. I’ll send an invite out about a week before the event.

Freshening Things Up

I got some great feedback from attendees at our year-end December event on ways to improve and freshen up the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer meet. In the break this month I’ve been brainstorming with Eddie Corcoran,  Michael O’Bannon, and Victoria Lundy to come up with some new theme and segment ideas. More on this in the upcoming invite.

We’ll also be dropping back down to one event per month on second Wednesday’s – barring special events that come up. We will still meet via Zoom.

Virtual NAMM

Heads up. NAMM has introduced a free all-virtual event this week. I’ve already popped in and there are product announcements, virtual booths, presentations and more.

Swing by NAMM – Believe in Music Week to register and learn more.

Korg has already announced 3 new synths Synthesizers / Keyboards | KORG (USA)!

If you see anything cool out there drop a comment on this blog post.

Till next time…

Mark Mosher


January 2020 News & No Events in January

Happy new year!

No Events in January

I’ve decided to take January off from producing events o watch for an invite to the next event later this month.


#Jamuary has begun…

Via @truecuckoo … “The idea with Jamuary is to get going with what you have, and to help get comfortable sharing and performing little jams, and to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone is doing in the electronic music independent scene. Post a little music snippet every day of jamuary, or for as many of the days that you have the energy to. Browse the hashtag and get inspired. Get to know musicians you had never heard about, and perhaps even make some friends along the way.”

I’ll be giving it a pass this year but if you want to get the gist of it here is all my #Jamuary posts from last year All My #Jamuary Videos Along with Detailed Rig & Producer Notes – Mark Mosher (

If you were going to be participating in #Jamuary feel free to leave a comment on this post on the web site with a link to where you’ll be publishing songs or videos so we can all follow along.


Cheers and here is to a creative January,



#101 Holiday Happy Hour – Tuesday Dec 22nd 7pm MST + Replay of Live 11 Livestream

Our last event of 2020 will be a holiday happy hour 🎉🥂🍺🎹. Join in with your fav holiday treat or cocktail.

We’ll have a discussion about projects we finished in 2020 and what we’ll be working on next. Then we can just hangout and talk synths.

Ugly sweaters and/or Santa hats suggested but optional 🎅.

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.

Replay of Live 11 Livestream

Our livestream celebrating our 100th event and the announcement of Live 11 was super fun. Thanks Serafin who presented with me and to all who attended.

If you missed it or want to watch the replay watch from YouTube using the link below.

We covered a lot of ground in this presentation so to turn this video into a resource for learning Live 11 I spent a a few hours putting chapter markers in the video description on YouTube to make it easier to zero in on topics.

Watch this on YouTube and hit “SHOW MORE” link to reveal chapter marker hyperlinks

Getting to Know Live 11

I also put a few hours into curating a blog post which should save you quite a bit of time if you want to learn more about Live 11. It’s pinned to the top of Modulate This! – A Synth Tech Technique Blog by Synthesist, Multimedia Artist & Sound Designer Mark Mosher

Donate to Support the RMSM

While events are free the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet is made possible by volunteers and member donations. Your donation will help offset fees for our paid Zoom account, our paid streaming services, and our web hosting fees. Use this link, button or QR code above to make a secure donation.

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#100 YouTube Link to December 8th Special Event on Live 11

Our special YouTube livestream event is next Tuesday December 8th at 7pm MST.

For this event I’m collaborating with member Serafin Sanchez (who is also an Ableton Brand Manager) to bring you a special event focusing on Live 11.

Here are your next steps.

  • Now: Swing by the YouTube video and Set a Reminder.
  • Day of Show: Use that same link to watch the show on YouTube and participate in the chat.

Presentation Overview

Serafin will provide a walkthrough of several new workflows found in Live 11.

  • Note Chance lets you set the probability that a note or drum hit will occur and let Live generate surprising variations to your patterns that change over time.
  • Velocity Chance define ranges for velocity probability for subtle, humanized variations in the dynamics of your patterns.
  • Comping organizes multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance into individual takes. Pick the best moments of each performance and combine them to create your perfect take. Or approach sound design in a new way by splicing together random samples from your library.

Mark will provide a walkthrough of some of the new MPE capabilities and sounds in Live 11.

  • Using an MPE capable controller to immediately add bends, slides and pressure for each individual note in a chord.
  • MPE Sounds are included with Live 11. We’ll take a brief tour.
  • MPE Sound Design primer with Wavetable, Sampler, and other devices.
  • Poly Pressure with Push
  • Note Expression View lets you edit the pitch, slide and pressure envelopes of each note to refine the expression of your takes. Or take your sound design further by sequencing polyphonic sound variations.
  • What’s new in Racks

#99 Breakout Session: Home Studio Talk – Tuesday Nov 24th 7pm MST

This event will be an online interactive roundtable discussion around  home studio topics such as: 

  • Mixers
  • Patchbays
  • Audio interfaces
  • Desks
  • Monitors
  • Recording devices
  • Mics & Mic stands
  • Ergonomics
  • Headphones
  • Cable management
  • Stands
  • Lighting
  • Webcams

Come and share tips, ask questions, and learn what others in the meet are using.

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.

Heads up – Synth Patrol Livestream Concert on Saturday Nov 28th at 11am MST

Synth Patrol is baaaack and I’m producing a new livestream concert series called SynthPatrol: FRIENDS ELECTRIC. It’s free will stream on YouTube.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to swing by, check out who is playing, then click the video so you can “Set a Reminder” on YouTube :^) Pass it on.


If you are in a position to donate to help support the meetup visit this page to make a secure donation

Events News

November Events + Register Now for a Special Ableton Live 11 Event in December!

November Events

  • Tonight Nov 10th 7PM MST #98 Petting Zoo – Register on Zoom
  • Tuesday Nov 24th 7PM MST – #99 Topic and Zoom Link TBA

December Events

Big news!!! Ableton has announced Live 11 – woo hoo!!! And in other big news our Dec 8th meet will be our 100th event!!!

To celebrate I’m collaborating with member Serafin Sanchez (who is also an Ableton Brand Manager) to bring you a special event focusing on Live 11.

Instead of using Zoom, we’ll be streaming this event publicly to YouTube.

Registration for this free event will be via Eventbrite so we can communicate links and details as we get closer.

Please register here

Till then, click here to see what’s new in Live 11.


#98 Online Petting Zoo Tuesday Nov 10th 7PM MDT

This event will be an online version of our popular Petting Zoo theme. 

Heads up – we’re moving to 2nd and 4th Tuesday‘s for November and December.


Petting Zoo’s are a great way to show off your fav instrument, discover new gear, and connect with others who share a passion for a piece of gear or technology. 

During the meeting I’ll go around the virtual room spotlighting attendees so they can say a few words about their favorite instruments including hardware synths, drum machines, modules, virtual synths, or even historical instruments. If you have the instrument in your studio you can point a camera at it.

Alternatively, you can pop a link in the chat when it’s your turn and I’ll present info in a web browser as you talk.

You don’t have to present to participate. As we go along use the chat to talk with instrument owners on the main chat thread or 1-1.

Also we’re getting close to Black Friday so you could also mention gear you have for sale to help build funds for that next synth buy.

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.


If you are in a position to donate to help support the meetup visit this page to make a secure donation


Mind Map Celebrating Horror & Sci-Fi Soundtracks with Synths + November Events Moving to Tuesday’s + Member Halloween Music

Mind Map

Happy Halloween!

Our Thursday meetup Celebrating Horror & Sci-Fi Soundtracks with Synths was super fun! Thanks to all who came out and a huge thanks to members Victoria Lundy and Chris Frain for jumping in to present.

Prior to the event we created a rather large interactive mind map from which we could present and play media. We only covered a subset of films on the map. Of course even though the map is large it only captures a fraction of the movies that feature synths.

Still, the map is a fun way to explore films and composers so I’ve published it publicly. You don’t need any sort of account to browse the map.

A few tips on navigating the map are below.

If after your brows the map you have some suggestions for additions leave a comment on this blog post.

Mind Mapping Solutions

Someone on the meetup asked me which mind mapping solution I’m using. Mind mapping is a great way to plan creative projects such as album releases, studio reorgs and more.

My recommendation for web and mobile is Mindmeister. Tey have a free account that gives you 3 free maps. You can get a free account here

Full disclosure I’m an affiliate but I would recommend Mindmeister even if I was not. If you want to help me out a little you can sign up for a free account with the my affiliate link here

If you are looking for a desktop Mind Mapping solution I recommend

I’ve used both solutions for over a decade.

Save the Date for November Meetups

I’m switching to 2nd and 4th Tuesdays for November events. Events are still in the works but save the dates for the Nov 10th and Nov 24th.

Halloween Music by Members

I wanted to mention that both Victoria and I have Halloween themed albums. I’ll provide links below. If you have an album that’s Halloween-ready, leave a comment on this blog post with links.

Happy Halloween!

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#97 Halloween Party & A Celebration of Synths in Horror & Sc-Fi Films and TV – Thursday October 29th, 7-9 PM MDT

Join us for a Halloween Party on Zoom. Costumes are encouraged but not required. BYOB of course 😉.

  • 7:00-7:15 – Welcome and Announcements
  • 7:15-8:00 – A Celebration of Synths in Horror & Sci-Fi Films and TV.  Victoria Lundy, Chris Frain and I will be taking you on a tour through synth-heavy musical themes from some classic horror & sci-fi films and tv shows. Along the way we’ll offer some “fun facts” about these scores to facilitate a group discussion.
  • 8:00-8:10 – Breakout Intros
  • 8:10-8:30 – Hang out on Zoom
  • 8:30-9:00 – After-meetup for those who still want to hang out

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.