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#99 Breakout Session: Home Studio Talk – Tuesday Nov 24th 7pm MST

This event will be an online interactive roundtable discussion around  home studio topics such as:  Mixers Patchbays Audio interfaces Desks Monitors Recording devices Mics & Mic stands Ergonomics Headphones Cable management Stands Lighting Webcams Come and share tips, ask questions, and learn what others in the meet are using. Heads up – Synth Patrol Livestream […]

November Events + Register Now for a Special Ableton Live 11 Event in December!

November Events Tonight Nov 10th 7PM MST #98 Petting Zoo – Register on Zoom Tuesday Nov 24th 7PM MST – #99 Topic and Zoom Link TBA December Events Big news!!! Ableton has announced Live 11 – woo hoo!!! And in other big news our Dec 8th meet will be our 100th event!!! To celebrate I’m […]

#98 Online Petting Zoo Tuesday Nov 10th 7PM MDT

This event will be an online version of our popular Petting Zoo theme.  Heads up – we’re moving to 2nd and 4th Tuesday‘s for November and December. Format Petting Zoo’s are a great way to show off your fav instrument, discover new gear, and connect with others who share a passion for a piece of […]

Meetup Tonight + RMSM Spotify Playlist

Register for Tonight’s Event First I just wanted to remind you of tonight’s (Wed Oct 14) at 7PM MDT. The event is #96 Fast prototyping (plugins) with Max for Live with a presentation by member Langdon C. Crawford. Langdon will present “a very quick demonstration making a max for live device from soup to nuts”. […]

#96 Fast prototyping (plugins) with Max for Live – Wed Oct 14 7PM MDT

Max is a power full tool kit for multimedia, but lacks some of the easy to use structures of a DAW. Live is an awesome DAW, that can host and integrate all sorts of cool things built in Max. Lets explore some of the powerful instruments and effects you can build as max for live […]

#95 Breakout Session on MPC Series Workstations – Wed Sep 23 7PM MDT

This event will be an online interactive round table discussion focusing primarily on the the Akai MPC workstations that run the current 2.8 Firmware such as MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC One, MPC X. We will also discuss topics such as MPC past and present. Eddie will kick off the night with a 10 […]


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