Submission Form: Call for Member Videos Form RMS May 27 2023 Drone Day Live Stream

This form is for Rocky Mountain Synth Members who would like to submit a video to our upcoming Drone Day Live Stream which will air on May 27th.

The submission deadline is Tuesday May 23rd, Midnight Mountain Time.

Submission Rules

1 – Only Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet Members in good standing who have attended at least one event since 2022 can submit a video.

2 –Sound, Music, and Video elements must be 100% original content or content you have licensed for use on YouTube (such as Royalty Free elements).

💡 This can be as simple as an overhead view of you playing your rig or setting your music to some other original video recording.

3 – Video can be up to 7 minutes in length. Note – this is shorter than last year’s 15-minute limit to make the show snappier and “leave them wanting more”.

4 – Keep it fun for the general audience, as in nothing explicit, religious, political.

5 – Video must have a 3 second bumper at the front and back of your video. A title card containing “Song Name” and “Artist Name” is preferred and a smart move.

💡 The purpose of this is to allow some time for the video player controls to disappear once the video has started. The bumper at the back clues the show host to when the video will end.

6 – High quality audio recorded directly from your rig or nice room mics if possible. Try to avoid the original audio from your camera.

💡 Pro Tip: You can simultaneously record audio and video into an iPhone using a lightning interface for audio. For example, the Behringer U-Control UCA202 USB Audio Interface costs $25. This eliminates post-production time for syncing video and audio.

Note: As it is you’ll be hosting the video from your YouTube channel, you can use any resolution you like. 16:9 aspect ration will work best, and we’ll be streaming at 720p. The stream will automatically downsides your video if your video is at a higher resolution.

Video Submission Form

Use this contact form if you still have questions after reading all this

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