RMSM #105 MIDI Mapping: Adding Expressive Control to Your Rig – Wed April 21st 7PM MDT

[Update… Ooops, I meant April 21st]

In this event we’ll be focusing on how to use MIDI mapping to add expressive control to your studio and live rigs.

There are a huge number of MIDI controllers on the market so we’ll get the conversation started three member demos showing off some real-world examples of mapping MIDI CC’s to offer expressive control of hardware, software, or hybrid rigs. This will give you insights into a few specific controllers and also illustrate concepts that can be applied with any controller or MIDI mappable device.

I’ll then MC a group discussion where attendees can ask questions and / or share tips on their controllers and workflow.

Registration Required

To attend you must register first.

No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.


  • Welcome & RMSM Announcements
  • Member Announcements
  • MIDI Mapping
    • Launch Control XL – Eddie Corcoran
    • Launchpad Pro MK3 Custom Modes – Mark Mosher
    • Faderfox  EC4 – Brian Horsfield
    • Attendee discussion
  • Breakout intros
  • Socialize
  • Wrap-up

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