#92 Waldorf Nave – Beyond the Presets – Wed. Aug 12th 7PM MDT

In this event I’ll pass along information to help you customize factory presets to be more expressive and unique for your projects. I’ll also give you a sound design jumpstart so you can get even more out of this amazing synth. I’ll be presenting on Nave on iOS but the information will generally apply to the VST version and has relevance for and Iridium and Quantum users. Some topics I’ll be covering will include:

  • Anatomy of the synth
  • Expressive performance with blades and X/Y touch
  • Deconstruction of a preset
  • Sound design walk-through
  • User wavetables
  • Demo of 4-Track Tape System

Registration Required

To attend you must register first. No Zoom account is required to attend, just the link you’ll receive via email after registration.

Video Demo

Here is a 1 minute video to give you a quick taste of Nave. I’m developing a library of custom presets for use in upcoming episodes of my Sonic Encounters Podcast. This preset is called “MM Critters Who Keep the Clocks”.

  • X-Touch of blades controls Wave 1 pitch
  • Y-Touch of blades controls W1 Travel
  • X-Pad controls W2 Spectrum
  • Y-Pad controls LFO2 Speed
  • LFO2 is mapped to Pitch

About Nave

Waldorf Nave is a amazing multi-platform synth with 500 presets. It has 86 built-in wavetables and the ability to create user wavetables from speech synthesis and also from your own .wav files. On the iPad, the blades are incredibly expressive offering multiple dimensions of control.

The $19.99 iPad version is an incredible value when you consider that 69 of the 86 wavetablels contain all the factory wavetables from Microwave, Wave and Blofeld ($519); you can share presets with the computer-based Plugin version ($179) ; and Nave is clearly the core (only slightly less advanced) version of Iridium ($2,499) and Quantum ($4,399) and Wavetable engine.

My Journey with Waldorf and Wavetable Synthesis

I was a HUGE Waldorf Blofeld fan and owned both dekstop and a keyboard. I developed a large number of presets and wrote quite a few blog posts about it throughout the years. I sold both and now use Largo (see my blog post on Largo vs Blofeld).

I first started using Nave in 2013 when it first released. Like many of you who make music on iOS, I’ve perused, used, and tweaked some of the 500 presets to make music.

Gear lust for Iridium inspired me to dig deeper into Nave to learn how to make my own expressive presets and learn what’s possible with Nave. Now I’m using it almost daily. I will probably still end up with an Iridium 😲😅.

In a related note, also work heavily with Ableton Wavetable.

Heads Up – Arturia Pigments 2 1/2 Off Sale

While we’re talking about affordable wavetable synths, I wanted to mention that Arturia is having a 1/2 off sale on all their individual soft synths till April 12th. Pigments 2 is only $99 right now and offers Wavetable synthesis with user wavetables and V2 added sample and gruanular synthesis.

Nave Links

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